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You will be lead through an amazing, guided meditation where you will take an incredible journey somewhere out in nature where you can release fear, insecurities, stress, anxiety, anger, past traumas and begin to build back your confidence, trust in yourself, love for yourself and truly take back your power.​


All of the guided meditations are created to help you to heal, release and let go of the things that no longer serve and embrace all that is for your highest good so that you can move forward in a happier, healthier, more positive and peaceful way.


Listening daily will help to balance and restore your energy, improving your health on the physical,mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  Guided Meditation will help you to to experience deep relaxation, resolve deep-seated issues and change how you experience anxiety, depression, fears, sleeplessness, negative habits, negative thoughts and beliefs.

Guided Meditation Package

  • Please listen to each recording for seven consecutive days before moving to the next recording for best results.


    Guided Meditation Week 1 - Flower Garden.

    Guided Meditation Week 2 -Healing Lagoon.

    Guided Meditation Week 3 - Mountain

    Guided Meditation Week 4 - Crystal Archway

    Guided Meditation Week 5 - Grounding Tree

    Guided Meditation Week 6 - Beach

    Guided Meditation Week 7 - Rainbow

    Guided Meditation Week 8 - Bridge

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