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Spiritual Shamanic Initiation Level 2 Training

Prerequisites: Shamanic Practice Level I

To be announced, 2024 - from 10:00am to 4:00pm

Register HERE

The intention for this class is to receive the 9 Rites of the Munay Ki, Universal Love Energy. The Rites transform and upgrade your energy field. They are offered to you as seeds.  You must grow the seeds through fire ceremonies.  

Allow the power of the Munay Ki Rites to expand and grow within you so that your chakras can shine with their original light as you acquire a rainbow body.  


Shamanic Level 2 Training will include: 


  • Rites of the Munay Ki


  • Pi or Medicine Stones


  • Fire Ceremony


  • The Healers Rite


  • The Bands of Power


  • The Harmony Rite


  • The Seers Rite


  • The Daykeepers Ritel


  • The Wisdomkeepers Rite


  • The Earthkeepers Rite


  • The Starkeepers Rite


  • The Creators Rite


Includes:  Shaman Level 2 Course Manual and Certificate.  Upon completing Level 2, you will have the ability to work with the ancient practice of Shamanism for wisdom, guidance & healing.  As a Shaman, you will dream your world into being.

Tuition Fee:  $245.00

You do not need a Paypal account.  After registration, click on Pay Now and you can choose Use Credit or Debit Card.

Register and pay HERE

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a $75 NON-REFUNDABLE FEE if you have to cancel or reschedule your class date.

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