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Full Body Amethyst Crystal Heating Mat

Taking Alternative Healing to the Next Level

The Purple Ereada® Professional Amethyst FIR Heating Mat is now used with all of our services.  You are relaxing on over 30 pounds of authentic, top quality, crushed amethyst crystals.  Our treatment table now features Far Infrared ​Crystal Rays, Far InfraRed Heat, High Negative Potential, Negative Ion (Anions), Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Permanent Magnetic Therapy and Bio Stimulation Photon Red Light Therapy (Biophotomodulation or LLLT).

This technology will soothe the effects of stress, anxiety, fatigue, relax the nervous system, improve the immune system and blood flow, increase metabolism and circulation, reduce joint and soft tissue pain, chronic pain and illness, repair cellular damage, improve skin conditions, reverse the signs of aging and so much more.

A full Chakra Reading will explain where your energy is blocked and how it is affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally, and Spiritually.  You will understand your overall energy flow and how it is affecting your life.  After your session on the Amethyst Crystal Bio Mat, a new chakra reading will reveal that each chakra has been balanced and aligned creating a strong, smooth, uninterrupted energy flow allowing you to move forward in a happier, healthier, more positive and peaceful way.

The Amethyst Crystal Bio Mat balances your mind, body and Spirit allowing you to improve and create the life you truly want.  Each session is customized to support your healing and manifesting needs, meeting you where you are on your path to alternative and holistic wellness.

Note:  Ereada Corp is an American company specializing in high-end products using natural Amethyst gemstones.

Crystal Healing Bed.
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