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Learn to Clear, Align & Balance Your Chakras


You will receive a Chakra Reading at the beginning and at the end of the class to show you the condition of each one of your Chakras...whether they are balanced, overactive, under active or closed.

You will learn about the seven main chakras located in your body. A Chakra is a wheel or vortex which energy flows through. Each chakra is associated with a different part of your body, your mind and your spirit. When your chakras are blocked or depleted, energy does not flow freely.


Your Chakras may be affected by the foods you eat, the environment you are exposed to, the energy exchanges you have with others, the negative thoughts you have and all the negative experiences you have on a daily basis. 

All of these things can cause "blocks" in your Chakras which can cause them to become unbalanced.  This means they may spin to fast or too slow or not at all and become completely closed.  This is NOT it can manifest as illness and disease in the body.  Each Chakra is related to and controls different areas of your life.

Learning how to clear and balance your chakras will restore harmony within. This will support your body in returning to its’ natural state of alignment and enhance your own natural healing powers.

Schedule your private MENTOR session here

All Sessions are 50 Minutes

Pricing Options

Single Session - $110.00

Package of 4 - Sessions

Pay As You Go Plan

$85.00 per session when you schedule 4 sessions.


Pay In Full Plan

$75.00 per session when you schedule & pay for 4 sessions.

Only $300.00

You can mix and match all of the office services in your package.

You can split a package with friends and family.

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