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Reiki Energy Healing For ALL Animals

Reiki Energy Healing For ALL Animals

In Your Home or by Phone with Distant Healing


Many animals have endured physical abuse and neglect.  A Reiki treatment can resolve and release the damages left behind and offer the animal healing and balance.  Because Reiki is used for relaxation and stress reduction, many behavioral issues like hyperactivity can be treated.


One of the greatest benefits of animal Reiki is its ability to bring calm, peaceful energy to your pet when it is time for them to cross over.  Reiki can help them to let go and continue their journey back to Spirit.


Just like humans, animals have a Chakra System, Aura and Meridian System.  As these systems become blocked or imbalanced, our best friends can develop behavioral issues, physical issues and terminal illnesses. 


A Reiki treatment can facilitate healing on all levels as it knows exactly where to go.  It can be used in any situation even if the problem has not been diagnosed because it reaches to the core where it originated from. 


Reiki healing is very effective for treating rescue and shelter animals.

Reiki will flow through any animal.  All animals, whether domestic or wild are naturally in-tune to Reiki healing and they know where to look for it.  They know when a Reiki practitioner is “in the house”!  They will immediately come and start pressing and leaning into the practitioner.


They will take as much energy as they need to heal or relax.  When they have taken as much energy as they need, they will pull or walk away.  It is important to provide your pet with as much water as they will drink after a Reiki treatment.


In-Home Treatments – Usually, it is more comfortable for your pet or any animal to do the Reiki treatment in their home.  It is a more relaxed and familiar environment which allows them to feel safe during the treatment.

Distant Animal Reiki Treatments – Your pet will receive ALL of the benefits of Reiki healing from the comfort of their home.  This works well with larger animals or pets that are afraid to travel.  The effects are exactly the same. 

All sessions are private, professional and conducted by our Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Transformational Life Coach.

Travel Fee varies by location.

Pricing Options

Single Session - $125.00

Package of 4 - Sessions

Pay As You Go Plan

$95.00 per session when you schedule 4 sessions.

Package of 4 - Sessions


Pay In Full Plan

$340.00 when you pay for all 4 sessions.

You can mix and match all of the office services in your package.

You can split a package with friends and family.

Image by Tanner Crockett
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