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Balancing Your Throat Chakra


Throat Chakra or 5th Chakra, the vishuddha (or vishuddhi) is the center that governs our speech and creative expression in the world. It’s balance will determine how honest you are and how well you can express yourself with the people around you. It is through this chakra that we speak our choices and through this, we discover that our choices, no matter how small or unimportant that they may seem, have consequences. It is located at the base of the throat, in the V that is formed in the center of the collarbone.


Known as the center of purification, this is where energy becomes transformed into our manifestations in the physical world. Depending on how clear or muddied this chakra is will determine our successes or failures in life. Feelings of guilt will easily “clog” the throat chakra.  It is important that we clear it out by speaking our internal truth.  Irritation towards others, and voicing of that irritation causes an imbalance within all of our chakras. We must begin to change the way we view people, focusing on their positive aspects rather than the negative, or what’s “wrong” with them. We must learn to appreciate people for what they bring to our reality, rather than what they lack, or do wrong.


If your throat chakra is in balance, you will have no problem expressing yourself in the world. You will be very creative, helpful, and may be good at offering people sound advice when it is asked for. You know what you want out of life and you are not afraid to ask for it, and what you ask for always seems to come to you with no, or little effort on your part. You are not afraid to express your weaknesses and people respect you for this. You are truly free when you can speak your truth.


Over-active Throat Chakra:

If your throat chakra is over-active, you may be over-opinionated, perhaps very critical of others and how they are performing in life. You may be verbally abusive to those around you, and may find yourself yelling a lot when not necessary. You won’t allow others to “talk back” or voice their opinions about certain situations, it will be your way or no way.


Under-active Throat Chakra:

When under-active, you will be unable to express yourself and will often be misinterpreted or misunderstood by others. You will probably be “wishy washy” or considered “flakey” or unreliable by the people in your life. Telling the truth and being honest with yourself is something you probably have a difficult time with and giving mixed messages is likely something that has gotten you into trouble before. Until you find balance within the throat chakra, your life will remain the same – and nothing will ever work out in the way you would like it to.


Physical symptoms of a Throat Chakra Imbalance:

Throat lump, laryngitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, teeth problems, thrush, jaw problems (tmj), earaches, ear problems, sinus infections, thyroid problems, arthritis in shoulders, sore shoulders or arms, neck problems, stress – may also exhibit an alcohol or drug dependency.


Healing the Throat Chakra: There are many ways to balance your throat chakra:  below you will find several useful methods.


Positive Affirmation for the Throat Chakra: I speak freely and with confidence. It is now safe for me to express my feelings and to create the life I desire. Everything I do is an expression of Love.


Color of the Throat Chakra: The throat chakra is associated with the color sky blue. Sitting outside under a beautiful blue sky with the sun shining down on you will begin to balance this chakra. Additionally, lighting candles that are this color, picturing or surrounding yourself with this color will greatly benefit you if there is an imbalance. It is the color of truth, loyalty and wisdom.


Organs/Glands Governed by the Throat Chakra:Thyroid, parathyroid, vocal cord, esophagus, mouth, teeth, neck, trachea, cervical vertebrae of the spine, shoulders and arms.


Crystal Therapy for the Throat Chakra: Lapis Lazuli, blue calcite, blue kyanite, aquamarine, turquoise, sodalite, amazonite, chrysocolla, blue aragonite, larimar, aqua aura crystal, tanzanite, blue tourmaline, celestial aura quartz, blue halite, blue lace agate, hemimorphite.


Nutrition for the Throat Chakra: High quality foods that are good for your body, such as soups, sauces, or juices that lubricate the mouth and throat are excellent for the throat chakra. Most fruits are high in water content and are an excellent choice when wanting to balance the 5th chakra. Juicing fruits with veggies is also a good way of getting the nutrition necessary to help with this as well.


Aromatherapy for the Throat Chakra: Rose, frankincense, sandalwood, jasmine, neroli, ylang ylang.

Healing the Throat Chakra with Nature:  The Throat Chakra’s element is Ether. Allowing yourself to experience a sunny, blue sky will begin to balance it..Meditating out in nature, anywhere, while allowing your throat chakra to be open to all that is, will begin to balance it. Embracing your spirituality will allow your throat to become balanced. It is through the throat chakra that we can begin to receive messages from the Universe.


Sound Therapy for the Throat Chakra: The Throat Chakra resonates to the note “G”, chanting HAM in this note will begin to balance it.

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