Tarot Readings with a Twist

In-Office or by Phone with Distant Healing


Unique Psychic Tarot Readings with a Twist. 


Tarot Reading, Psychic Reading, Intuitive Reading...they are all the same.  A Reading will provide you with clarity, guidance and support from your Angels, your Spirit Guides and All Enlightened Beings for your highest good.. 


A reading offers the purpose and clarity required for you to overcome feeling stuck and live your best self.


Relax and enjoy a short Reiki Energy Healing as your connected with Spirit.


You will receive Spiritual Guidance with this psychic reading along with accurate, confirmed messages with your choice of tarot cards.

Psychic Readings are performed by connecting with your energy, spirit guides and angels. You will learn about your past, present and future events. It can provide you with a sense of alignment between yourself and your life's purpose.


Detailed information on all areas of your life such as family, career, success, love, or your Spiritual path will be revealed to you. Everything you want to know about and so much more.


In your reading, you will receive a picture of your life situation, looking at the past, present and future. You will may discover your hidden potential.  Psychic readings help you find new perspectives, receive answers to your questions and to recognize your own inner beauty.


Tarot readings are a meaningful, detailed form of self-care. You will gain illuminating insights so you can make empowered choices. You will receive transformative in-depth guidance on your most important concerns and offer support for achieving your own personal goals.


A Tarot Reading is a very clarifying and uplifting experience.

Is There a Difference Between Receiving a In-person Reading vs. a Phone Reading?


The answer to this question is no, there is not a difference. Spirit doesn’t discriminate on how you receive the message.  An in-person or phone reading will produce the same exact results.


Relax.  There is nothing to fear in a Tarot reading. Spirit has sent you to hear the information that you need to hear for your very highest good...to keep you on your Spiritual path.


Have an Open Mind.  When having a tarot reading, be “open” to it and don’t “block” your energy. Blocked energy is when you are closed off to receiving or giving information. When you block your energy, you waste precious time in the reading.


You will receive details about your life that brings greater awareness and understanding.


You can ask specific questions, have a general category such as career, relationships, money, health, family, travel or topic of your choice.


All you have to do is be yourself and remember to embrace the experience.


Bring your mind, body and spirit into greater alignment and peace....

All sessions are private, professional and conducted by our Certified Psychic Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner.


PLEASE NOTE:  This service can be included in any 4 Session Package.

Are you interested in learning to step into your own Spiritual Gifts?


Learn about the developing your own gifts here...

Pricing Options

Single Session - $110.00

Package of 4 - Sessions

Pay As You Go Plan

$85.00 per session when you schedule 4 sessions.


Pay In Full Plan

$75.00 per session when you schedule & pay for 4 sessions.

Only $300.00

You can mix and match all of the office services in your package.

You can split a package with friends and family.