Wolf Spirit Animal

Wolf Symbolism: Guardianship, ritual, loyalty and Spirit.

Wolves are often depicted howling at the moon, and are connected to the cycles of nature as well as the ability to sense these, sometimes subtle, changes. Wolves are one of the most misunderstood wild mammals. Despite any negative press, wolves defy the savage image of how they are portrayed. They are friendly, social, and highly intelligent. Their sense of family loyalty is incredible and they are a symbol of empowerment! They are strong-willed and never give up. With this type of determination, they must rely heavily on their instincts and each other to survive.

Wolves are very ritualistic in many ways, just as humans are. They live by carefully defined social rules and recognize specific territories that are sacred. Their social behavior is based upon a higher archetypal structure. Each member has its place and function within the hierarchy. There is an alpha male, an alpha female, and many supporting positions. The way they move, and their placement in the pack, reflects their personal roles.

The Wolf Spirit Guide can help you to hear your intuition and guard you from inappropriate actions. It teaches you the value of responsibility in relationships; sometimes strongly, sometimes gently, but always with love. And if you must walk alone, it’s important to know that you are always protected. The wolf may serve as a reminder to breathe new life into your rituals. It is safe to forge a new path, a new journey where you courageously take control of your circumstances. You are the independent master of your life, you create it and you direct it! Do so with harmony and discipline, and you will know the true spirit of freedom!

If you are interested in discovering 9 of your personal Animal Totems, please contact us at Hamburg Healing Center to schedule your one-on-one session!!


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