The Great Conjunction & the Age of Aquarius

On December 17th, Saturn moves into the sign of Aquarius, and on December 19th Jupiter follows. December 21, 2020, these two giants conjoin at 0° in Aquarius, causing them to appear as one. Their combined display in the sky is as a stunning Winter Solstice Star. The shortest day of the year marks a new beginning, and from then on we will begin to see more Light; both figuratively and literally. Jupiter and Saturn meet up every 20 years to initiate a new cycle, however, this year they meet up in the Air element, free of the materialistic density of the past 200 years in the Earth element. This is the closest they have been in hundreds of years.

The new era that we are entering will be a time of enlightenment. The ushering in of this Age of Aquarius may manifest as advancements in technology and society. This great conjunction heralds a journey of self-mastery that promotes positive support for everyone. A time of creation through connections with others on common ground. Aquarius is individualistic, but also emphasizes humanitarian values. The energy of the water bearer encourages freedom of self-expression, no matter how unconventional that may be. We are opening up to co-creation, to connect with our collective frequencies and to raise the vibration alongside our tribe. The very thing that we have been ironically restricted from in the year 2020.

Saturn communicates on a social, global level. But we must first commit to the future version of ourselves. This Lord of Karma dictates time, which will affect us in a personal fashion as we start to recreate the structures of our everyday lives. Jupiter, the Great Benefactor, expands our possibilities of finding innovative solutions to overcome obstacles. Saturn tests effectiveness and sets standards for growth. A symbiotic relationship of checks and balances.

Saturn was the ancient ruler of Aquarius, prior to the discovery of the planet Uranus. This modern ruler is currently transiting the fixed Earth sign of Taurus and will square Saturn in January, continuing throughout the entire year of 2021. The influence of rebel planet Uranus could make us feel like we’re on unstable grounds. Startling events on the planet may happen quickly, however, the meaning of these occurrences may be slowly be revealed under the influence of this tense aspect. The square from Saturn to revolutionary Uranus challenges us to open our minds to rapid and unprecedented change. There is potential for growth in many areas, but not without our resources being restricted. We have learned from experience that crisis creates community, and 2021 has the potential to unite Humanity.

There are many parts of ourselves that we shed in 2020. The merging of Saturn and Jupiter serves to foster Spiritual Development. As the feeling of loss from letting go of what has crumbled in the past sets in, expansive new possibilities flow to fill the void. The higher heart of Jupiter understands how being held back from manifesting what we desire can aid in our greater purpose. The excitement of increase, followed by feelings of depletion when slowed down, teaches us responsible action. We can attain wisdom and major Soul growth through these struggles.

We are entering a paradigm shift in Humanity’s evolution.

Abundant progress will be made with the continued efforts of all.

Let us be united in our growth for a better future on our beautiful planet!

You can watch this upcoming conjunction with the naked eye, even if there is light pollution, as Jupiter and Saturn are both fairly bright. Every night leading up to the 21st, they will get closer and closer. You can use binoculars or telescopes to see detail, but its not necessary. Find a spot where you can watch the sunset with a clear horizon in front of you, free of obstruction. In the hour or so after nightfall, first Jupiter will appear in the western sky, and then Saturn, both bright shining dots that do not twinkle.


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